Main Collection- Prep

• Critical reflection of your Pre-Collection
• A clear and focused statement of intent for Main Collection (100 words
maximum). Use the terms and definitions from the briefing padlet exercise to frame your practice with a fresh perspective:
• Positioning scale – see below.
• Conclusions from The Slow Rapid Project: Product Development & Range
• 10 outfit line-up (or equivalent product range) clearly showing shape and silhouette and colour palette
• A review of key signature features: fabrics, techniques and details incl construction and finish
• Identified and analysed relevant garment archetypes and references
• Potential collaborations
• An expanded and refined who board to identify your audience
• Identified market level with consideration of how this influences your products
and range
• Platforms for presentation
• Plan to realistically manage time and resources - refer to timeline or Scheme
of Work in UHB for deadlines